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Signing up a Volunteer Team

First Register yourself as a volunteer

This will set up your volunteer account.  If you have a facebook account you can register using facebook and entering just a few additional fields. This will make it possible for you to login with your facebook account in the future!


Search for a Volunteer Opportunity and make sure if has enough available slots for your team!

If the opportunity can accomodate all your teams members, then click on the "Sign up with a Team" Link.

Note: You have to be logged in or just have created your account in order to sign up as an individual or with a team.


Choose or Create a Team!

If you previously created your team in your account, you can select that team by choosing Option 1 "Choose a Team" and selecting your team.

If you haven't yet created a team, choose Option 2, "Create a New Team" and click on the "Create Team" button.


Create a Team - Step 1

  1. Give your team a descriptive name.
  2. Give your team a description.  (This info will be sent out to whomever you invite to be part of your team, so make it clear what the team is for)
  3. Optionally you can list a Company or Group Affiliation for your team.  (if you are all associated with the same company it won't be necessary to supply an email address for each team member).



Create a Team - Step 2

For each team member you'll need to enter

  • A first name and Last Name
  • An email address (preferred) or a phone number.

Note: No two volunteers can have the same email address.  You need a unique email for each volunteer.  If two volunteers share the same email address, just put in a phone number for one of them.

  • If the volunteer is aged 15 - 17, please indicate the age in the 'age' column.  No one under the age of 15 can volunteer.
  • If you want another member of your team to be a 'captain' and to be able to manage team sign-ups, designate them as a team captain.

Note: You do not have to add yourself to this list. You are automatically made a captain of this team.

Click on 20 more if you need more rows to add team members!

Click on the Create Team Button to finish creating your team!


Success Page:

After you create your team you'll reach a success page informing you that the team has been created.

To finish signing up with your team, click on the link to 'continue opportunity sign up"


You will be returned to the opportunity team sign-up page. Now choose Option 1 and select your newly created team!

Click the select button!


You now can indicate which members of your team will be signing up for this opportunity!

You''ll probably initially select all your team members.  But you can return to the site in the future and modify your team, add members, or change WHO on the team will be attending.

You'll also be asked for your T-shirt size.  Please give your own T-Shirt size and email efat@troutco.com with infromation on the shirt sizes for the rest of your team.

If the opportunity has additiional questions as part of the signup, you'll be asked to answer the question.  


Click Submit and your team members are all signed up!


Success Page and Waiver download

You have now successfully registered online - but there is one more step.  You'll need to click on the link and download our volinteer liability waiver.  Have each member of your team sign a copy of the waiver and fax or mail them in to complete your sign-up!


What if you need to change your team sign up?

If some of the members of you team contact you and say they have to cancel, please update your team signup.  You do not have to remove them from your team, but you can update your record of WHO on you team is attending this volunteer opportunity.  To do so:

  • Return to the site and log into your account.
  • In the account overview you'll see your upcoming opportiunities
  • Click on "Participants" to update the list of WHO on your team will be volunteering.
  • Just uncheck the names of anyone on the team who won't be volunteering.

NOTE:  this screenshot is in a different color scheme as it came from an earlier design.  


In this example I've indicated that Suzie won't be joining the team for this opportunity.


How to add additional team members to your team!

Click on "My Teams" in the left navigation of your accouint.




My Teams

Click on the MANAGE TEAM button in your team record, and you'll be able to:

  • Add additional team members
  • Email your team members directly
  • Update your team information.

Note:  After you add new members to the team - be sure to click on "Participants" to add your new team members to the Volunteer Opportunity your team is signed up for.  

Note: There is no need to delete a member of your team.  Just remove them from participating as a volunteer for the opportunity you signed the team up for.  Maybe they'll volunteer with your team next year!  So just leave 'em on the team for now :-)

If your entire team needs to canel click on the "remove team" link.  (But please don't!  We're counting on you!)


Any problems or questions about working with your team?  

Email Larry Deckel, Volunteer Coordinator.